We are looking forward to a great school year. Our goal, as always, is to keep our students healthy. Please remember good handwashing technique and covering coughs and sneezes are important ways to prevent illness from spreading. Covering with the crook of your arm is a good method for keping your germs contained and your hands clean. Some germs can be spread when contaminated hands touch door handles, desks, keyboards, etc. Some of these germs can live up to two hours or more on these surfaces. It's important to keep your hands away from your eyes, nose and mouth to prevent the spread of illness.

For the latest information on Covid-19 and the flu, click the link at the right which will take you to the CDC website: Covid-19 and Flu


If you have any concerns or questions regarding your child's health management at school, please feel free to contact one of the nurses at Farmingdale 626-1221, the Middle School 626-1061, or the High School 626-1044.

Handbook Information

When should my child stay home from school?

School Nurse

The Pleasant Plains School District has the services of a certified school nurse. The duties of the nurse include compiling up-to-date cumulative health records on all students, screening for hearing and vision deficiencies, first aid in an emergency situation, assessment of health concerns, referrals as necessary for health counseling, etc. 

Administering Medicines to Students

The administration of medication is not normally a function of the school. By scheduling medications before school, during early evening and at nighttime, the need for administration can be eliminated or at least minimized. However, some situations may necessitate the administration of medication during school hours. In those circumstances, medication may be administered at school according to the following guidelines:

A written note by the physician and the parent requesting that medication be administered during school hours must be sent to the school. The note must include the following:

The school cannot administer any medication (including “over the counter” medications) without a note from the parent and the physician.

Self Administration of Asthma Medication or use of epinephrine auto-injector

A student may possess an epinephrine auto-injector (Epi-pen) and/or medication prescribed for asthma for immediate use at the student’s discretion, provided that: